Brainy Tutoring

At Brainy Academy Tutoring center in NYC we know that every child can succeed in school. Our Brooklyn based tutoring service works for each child because we don’t use a one fit all approach. We offer a completely customized solution to fit your child’s unique individual needs and learning style. Our teaching is done by professional tutors and teachers.

Many Brooklyn parents are looking towards the future, and are seeking tutoring services that will not just help their child “keep up” but also advance in school. For all those parents we created a mathematics and English language tutoring program based in Singapore Math and English Language methodology called Brainy Achievers. With this program even the brightest and most gifted students can be continually challenged to do their best and grow. These students are well prepared ahead of any standardized tests, and are aiming for admission into top US colleges and universities.

All our New York City based tutors and instructors are pre-screened for experience, communication skills and excellent track record in helping students. Each child works with the same tutor week after week, and if the first tutor does not work well for your child we will find one that does. In our convenient classroom your child can receive valuable 1 on 1 tutoring.

Tutoring is available in a wide variety of subjects including:
- Brainy Achievers (advanced mathematics and english program grades kindergarten through 6 )
- Preparation for Gifted and Talented test (pre-k)
- Math (kindergarten to 6th grade)
- English Language (kindergarten to 6th grade)
- Russian Language (all levels of fluency)
- Preparation for yearly ELA and Math exams (grades 3 through 6)
- Other subjects available by special arrangement

Please call or stop by the center with all your questions.
Phone: (347) 450 3123

All parents must stay on premises at all times.

Tutoring Gives Confidence